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Feb 18th
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The new software includes the composition of the debt recovery solution based on Web

Debt recovery software has changed from stable early 80s, to meet the changing needs and the needs identified by the collection community.In active debt in recent years, with dramatic changes in the economy, the indebtedness of software companies collection have listened carefully to the voice of their customers. For example, collection agencies are now faced with a terrible dilemma. Customers are sending more and more to their accounts, but the recovery isincreasingly a problem.

As a result of the autumn, it is more difficult to maintain the same number of employees. With the increase in debt, collections and maintenance of the drops on wages becomes difficult for collection agencies. One of the most obvious is the use of automation in power by increasing the volume of accounts. The debt collection software offers an integrated dialer and IVR. This combination allows for agencies to work successfully with large volumes of accountsthrough mail campaigns and predictive. It also allows debtors to make arrangements for payment, without the involvement of collection through the IVR. The software can be continually refined to ensure compliance with legislative issues such as regulations and compliance standards FOTI access. Many collection agencies currently enjoy the benefits of this solution.

Debt collection software companies learned, however, that many customers need something more. Or they wanted thecan temporarily add the lines to the campaigns of specific numbers or could not justify spending more than the turnkey solution independently. A Web-based solution renumbering was then introduced.

The solution is actually a simple pay as you go messaging system that is fully integrated with existing software for debt collection. With a single access portal, collection agencies can create campaigns using all of the composition and functionsdebt collection software system. The configuration software as easy country to offer assistance with text to create a dialogue of speech. Some messaging solutions are designed with the possibility of allowing the debtor to hit a button and be connected to a collector in the office of the agency. The collector will hear the account number and whispered in his ear. Once connected, all conversations are recorded and stored for later analysis. The recording feature is important for training and contingencyspecial requirements that may arise long after the call.

The benefits are numerous, and the benefits are great.


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